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The Lakers give ol Mike Brown the boot!

Hit the road jack, and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more…

This week, I want to start off by reporting to you that the Los Angeles Lakers have fired their coach, Mike Brown after five games this season, in which the Lakers have a record of 1-4.

The Lakers announced the move Friday Nov. 9, several hours before they were to play the Golden State Warriors, dang. The Lakers started their season off, thinking that they would have a chance to win the title, after they’ve traded for Dwight Howard and Steve Nash to play with Kobe and Pau Gasol, but they only went 0-8 in the preseason and they started their season 0-3. They won last Sunday, but once again they looked bad when they played Utah on Wednesday.

Brown put in a new offensive system this season, but it didn’t seem to suit his players; on defense the Lakers didn’t look too good either, and that’s Brown’s specialty. Brown said “I have a great respect for the Buss family, and I want to thank them for the opportunity that they gave me, I love the coaches and players that I worked with this past year, and I wish them nothing but the best.”

Assistant coach, Bernie Bickerstaff will take over as interim coach for Friday night’s game, and The lakers haven’t decided yet if they’re going to hire an established coach or stay with Bickerstaff. There are few coaches available for the job such as Phil Jackson, Mike D’Antoni, Nate McMillan, and Jerry Sloan. However, they don’t think it’s likely that Bickerstaff will stay on for the long haul. Earlier Friday, sources told ESPN they were going to use their upcoming six game home stand to evaluate Brown, but after a few discussions over the past 48 hours, the lakers management came to a decision that the team clearly wasn’t getting any better, and it was best to fire Brown now.

Unfortunately, firing Brown now will also come at a substantial cost, as he was just in his second year of a four-year deal worth 18 million. It’s still early in the season, but it’ll be interesting to see if whomever they bring in can right the ship, that seems to be way off course.

We shall see.

Begging like Keith Sweat: Sexy or not?

“Ain’t nothing going on, but the rent!”…Gwen Guthrie laid it out for the ladies back in the 80’s, and for a while that was the anthem for women back then. For a time, there was a general consensus that women needed to be provided for, and “kept” by the man in their lives. However, times have change…somewhat. I mean, there are still women out there who expect their guy to carry them around in their back pocket, but ladies let me ask you this, what if the circumstances were different.

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“B*tch Bad” maybe good afterall

We all know that there is an unspoken power to the words that we say, and put out there into the universe. We are also highly aware of the fact, that what we say to one another can have an adverse effect on individuals, and our society, whether it be little or small.

In the latter part of the 80’s, West Coast’s NWA, emerged onto the scene, exposing the edgy, raw, and most of all honest glimpses of the dire circumstances the youth of the inner cities had to face. No one will deny that the images, along with the message, held a certain level of grit, that stuck to the minds of hip-hop lovers, making it highly successful. However, over the span of more than two decades, the genre of gangster rap has become a victim of its own success, with its negative connotation, and misogynistic views; turning their rhythmic tales of reality into all too predictable story of shallow stereotypes meant to degrade and belittle the women of our culture. Even today, we’re still being inundated with scenes in contemporary hip-hop of African-American males “popping bottles”, and exploiting women in scantily clad outfits, and flashing money as a sign of success. Messages that the youth of today or being VERY receptive to, thus giving the impression that it’s ok to be a savage.

So many artists have seemingly sold out to the record company devils for the almighty dollar; resorting to the barbaric antics of calling our sisters out of their name, all for the sake of increasing record sales. Also, today’s hip-hop artists have opted to put forth the notion that it’s acceptable for black men to think of themselves as players, gangsters, and thugs; possibly irrevocably damaging the majesty of the black man in the eyes of the generation coming up. Sure it’s selling and it’s popular, but at what cost?

Now, this is one of the main reasons why I don’t listen to rap and Hip-hop today, because of disparaging opinions of our own people towards each other, but I recently came across an artist by the name of Lupe Fiasco, more particularly a song called “B*tch Bad. In it, he explores the self-imposed negativity of rap, and the impact that it has on our youth and culture. I for one am happy that this song is getting the recognition that it deserves, however I wonder, is three minutes of right enough to fix 20 years of wrong?

We shall see…it only takes a step.