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Easy reading on a Sunday evening….

I can’t sleep. So, what am I going to do? I’m going to read people on the events of Sunday, November 25, 2012…yeah, I had to get official with it.

So, first and foremost I need to put down my two cents on the Soul Train Awards. I, along with millions of my fellow melanin infused brethren watched, eyerolled, and probably danced to many, if not all of the performances of last night’s show. I’ll admit there were a lot highlights, but dammit if the lowlights didn’t want to make you scream bloody murder! Yes, people are going to get read to filth in this post, and although I’m all about positivity within my race, I’m not above  checkin people who need to be checked. Like big mama! ” I only beat ya’ cuz I luv ya!” So here is goes…

1. What was the whole point of having Billy Crystal in the intro of the show? It seemed so out-of-place like Ann Romney during praise and worship at a black Baptist church!

2. Is it me or was Bill Bellamy’s hairscalpaskull glowing last night!? I mean, it was glistening! Like Chris Rock said…”Throw some sand on him”

3. Everyone’s already commented on Miguel and his, um…look, but I’m shocked no one said anything about how his girlfriend was hanging AWL OVA him when he accepted the award for best r&b artist! It was like she wanted everyone to make sure dat a** was hers! Like she put a down payment on it, and waiting for the rebates to start coming in. Sheesh girl…calm down.

4. What’s the deal with Ne-yo and the white trench coats? Is he bringing back a newly envisioned version of the ‘Weather Girls-It’s Raining Men”? Also, I wanna know whose idea it was to have that dawn of the dead crowd pit next to the stage? They had to have been the most stoic crowd EVA!

5. Another huh? moment: the skit of Cedric w/ Donnie & Marie Osmond? o_O uh, yeah. Huh?

6. Too many and ill-timed commercial breaks!!!! I mean they were throwing those suckas in like the Superbowl! I was waiting to see a half-time show afterwards.

7. Who else is getting tired of Keyshia Cole and her “angry, bitter black woman” persona? I need more joy Keyshia! You’ve got a fine milk chocolate husband and a beautiful baby boy….See Ms. Celie, you’s has a pretty smile!

8. Sword swallower? Really? I would sooo loved to have been there when they asked her if she’d liked to do a trick on the show! Lmao I would’ve needed a few drinks in me to do that.

9. Why why why did they dust off Flava Flav and put him on stage? Poor Estelle and Mc Lyte looked traumatized. However, they handled it! Like champs! No Abilify needed. Pow!

10. I’m glad that New Edition were honored with the lifetime achievement award for a 30 yr career and all, but I’m mad, because that would mean my behind is how old?!!!!

11. Is it me or was Bobby Brown trying to recapture his career during their performance?! lol Just snatching the air–just snatching!

12. I wonder, is Quentin Tarantino scared that black people won’t go see Django? They were pimping that movie harder than a retired prostitute with yuck mouth and a wooden leg! And Jamie Foxx was almost begging–begging hard too, as if his whole entire career was riding on it ( maybe it is). It’s okay man…I’m sure people are going to see it for nothing other than to see DiCaprio acting all swarthy! lol

Whewwww…ok I’m done.

Now, what’s this croonery going on with Chris Brown spitting words of FIYA at this woman Jenny Johnson? Twitter was aflame involving the antics of said Ms. Brown (yes, I said Ms. Brown) getting all huffy about what Ms. Johnson posted on her twitter! I feel like I’m gossiping with my mother over what happened at last year’s welcoming ceremony @ church! lol OOoo lawd chile…Ms. Brown and Ms. Johnson are cussin each other again. He and Rihanna need Jesus and a seat. #phoreal

have a seat right here, next to me!

What were your huh? moments?

In another edition of “Jesus take the wheel” news, reports are buzzing about the alleged  altercation between Halle’s current love interest Olivier Martinez, and the father of her daughter Nahla, Gabriel Aubry Thanksgiving Morning. Apparently, the two french hunks decided to have a brawl for it all over the mashed potatoes and gravy; deciding who should get the last piece of pumpkin pie. Seriously, sources close to the couple have said the fight started while Gabriel (baby daddy) was returning daughter Nahla back to the house, for the custodial handover.  Aubry, still parked in the driveway, was then approached by Martinez, where the two supposedly had a heated exchange of words– no one knows exactly what was said, because the two were spitting french words of FIYA! at each other. Vive la France! et Canada!

Unfortunately, the melee escalated quickly to punches being thrown at each other, ending with Halle’s soon-to-be hubby straddling the beaten and worn baby daddy on the ground. Police were then called, and Olivier decided to make a citizen’s arrest against his fellow ‘Mon Frere’ for assault. Aubry was then taken to the ER, and cited while he awaited treatment.

Sad…and you thought you had your own batch of hot baked drama on Turkey Day! lol

Law enforcement sources report, that a judge will most likely issue an order or protection, which requires Aubry to stay at least 100 yards away from the happy bunch.

Mon Dieu! Qu’est-ce qui se passe? Halle?

You sure you wanna hang with old Eddie Kane?

Well it seems like Michael Wright aka Eddie Kane Jr. can’t seem to stay out of trouble these days. According to TMZ  the actor reportedly crashed his 78′ Rolls Royce into a police car while under the influence of some apparently wickedly strong hooch. TMZ reported that their sources in law enforcement did a runteldat on Wright, saying that he crashed into the police car while attempting to park his car as two officers sat in the cruiser.

The incident took place in Manhattan where the two officers suspected Wright of being drunk because of the smell of alcohol on his breath. The two officers reportedly administered a field sobriety test and unfortunately for Wright, he did not pass the test and he was arrested on the spot.

I just hate to hear stories like this, and I really hope he gets some help.  However, in the meantime, I’m fighting the air.

What’s all this that I’m hearing on the internet about the bromance break-up between Floyd Mayweather and 50 cent?

I mean, I care about neither one of them, but all the press that I’m seeing feels like one of those juicy Facebook “BATTLE OF THE POSTS!” and you all know how much I love reading those. Speaking of e-battles, I think the two lovebirds have taken their spittle spattle to Twitter…awww someone go get tink tink a kleenex!
Apparently, the whole “feud” started over 50 cent’s (Curtis Jackson) comments, stating that he can’t hang out with someone who’s avoiding a fight with Manny Pacquiao. The rapper went as far as to put his true feelings about the relationship on his Twitter, and I quote: ”  I can’t hang out with Floyd Mayweather Jr. no more; I’m tired of [him] running from Manny Pacquiao.” Dang Curtis! It’s like that now? Are you two going to sleep with each others’ friends? Coming over the apartment, and seeing your ish in a box to the left? Wooooow! May! Don’t give the ring back boo! It’s yours gurl! Well, obviously Floyd was not pleased with 50 cent, and did what any jilted ex-love would…he fired back on Twitter as well:

A male boxing groupie.. hold my belts because your album sales have declined

Oh, and my favorite….

Men lie.. women lie numbers don’t lie. Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Kanye please help this boy

Don’t May sound like a bitter woman?! lol Soon, he’ll be posting pics of him dipping Doritos in a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream. Doggone shame, and they were just about to get a house together too. Oh well.

We all knew it was only a matter of time before these two divas started swinging for the fences at one another, before the makeup got smudged, lace fronts got readjusted, and the refined star “image” was reverted back to GHETTO! and it’s finally arrived.

During the North Carolina auditions for “American Idol”, Nicki and Mariah had a bit of a disagreement over a contestant’s performance, which led to a heated exchange of words between the two judges, followed by a string of expletives, and borderline lyrical assault by Ms. Minaj in words of “I told them, I’m not f—in’ putting up with her f—in’ highness over there.”

Needless to say that much of this tirade was caught on tape, but I highly doubt that anything part of the b***hfest will actually be seen, even on Fox. I’m guessing even that level of hoodtomfoolery was too much for the network to bear, but c’mon now, a little of the ratchetness would have been nice to watch, not everyone can tune into Maury all the time.

I think this may be enough for me to flip from “The Voice” (occasionally) just to witness the hot mess that’s going on between these two. I wonder where Randy and Keith were at when this all went down? Probably hiding underneath the table sucking down a Pepsi….gotta rep the sponsors somehow! lol

Well, well, well Janet (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty) is supposedly planning on jumping the broom! Yet again. Interestingly enough, that’s not what’s surprising me, what’s socking it to me in the gut, or better yet, what’s making me screw face in bewilderment is the fact that no one’s even heard of the intended groom, Mr. Wissam al Mana. The National Inquirer (yeah, the world’s foremost trusted source of info) were apparently informed by unnamed sources of the “covert” operation, who also seem to love to blab so much, they’re claiming the wedding will be “one of the biggest, most memorable extravaganzas in recent history”. Set to take place in Doha, Qatar in 2013.

You can even see the crazy…it’s in the eyes.

Um, now excuse me for my ignorance, but I didn’t even know that Janet was even dating again, let alone dating someone long enough to get engaged? Maybe, I’m being slow as molasses, but I’m stuck on her kicking her itty bitty boo thang Jermaine Dupri to the curb. Oh well, congratulations to her and her new…whomever. Honestly, I think Janet needs to stop with the foolishness; first it was the ratchet business with her and her niece, who also needs to have a seat right next to her aunt. Heck, let’s put out a whole pew of seats for her family…And the church say amen!

Anybody besides me now think that maybe, just maybe, Michael wasn’t the crazy one after all? I tink not ser! Suddenly, the image of him shimmying his narrow behind up a tree doesn’t seem that bad now does it? Not to speak ill of the dead, but Michael had his quirks, but he had his crazy mofo meter arunnin, and it was always pointed on his family. To top it off, his poor mother is in the middle of all that hot mess without even a fly swatter, or a flip-flop to defend her against her kids trifling a**es. Pray for momma Kat, no really add her to your prayer circle tonight.

Sigh…what’s this world coming to.

I’m sure you guys all have heard about the new ‘political’ video, urging Obama voters to colorfully, um…”Wake the f*** up”. The video features the militant worthy talents of none other than Mr. Samuel “Jules” Jackson himself ,reciting a rhyming bedtime story; laced with profanity, and not so P.C. acting from his underage co-star.  The best of both worlds I guess you can say.

screen shot from Wake the f*ck up

via The Slate

here’s the link: Samuel L. Jackson to Obama Supporters: “Wake the F*ck Up.”.

Not all’s well in Fu-gee-La land


You may win some, but you really lost one!

In unimportant news, the highly anticipated (don’t laugh) autobiography of self anointed savior and founder of the Fugees, Wyclef Jean, was released today. Purpose, is the tell all book, where Wyclef recounts his impoverish childhood on the mean streets of Haiti, to living it up on in true Patois fashion on the world’s stage.

In the book, Mr.Jean gives an explanation as to the real reason behind the band’s disintegration in 1997. Believe me when I tell you that he’s not going to pin ii on financial issues, or artistic differences, but the all too popular, punch in the gut, worthy of Maury baby daddy issues. Instead, Wyclef blames the inter-drama of the relationship between him and Ms. Lauryn Hill. In the page turner, Jean claims that truth of it all (and I know we were all waiting with bated breath), was strictly due to the fact of there being a dispute as to whom the real father of Ms. Hill’s child truly was; allegedly Lauryn strung (“tricked”) along, hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, and ran amok with the paternal feelings of one Wyclef, leading him into believing that her son, Zion, was his, when in fact the child was fathered by Rohan Marley, the son of legendary reggae singer of Bob Marley.

Now, you can insert the proverbial ‘pot meet kettle’ one liner here, and you wouldn’t be wrong! I guess Mr. Jean forgot the he was married in the midst of all of this tay tay, and bunky foolishness!!! I’m sure his wife didn’t think that it was hilarious. at all He even went on to say when he found out the heartbreaking news, something “in that moment between them died”; “she was no longer his muse”…oh chile please, go have a seat somewhere.

This is just one more thing the Mr. ‘Gone till November” rapper needed to stay relevant in the public, and good thing too, because I honestly thought he was still down in Haiti trying to convince them to rename Port-au-Prince after him. I’m sorry, Wyclef, but no one cares.

So, I’m doing the multitask thing on this Sunday, watching the Giants game, and reading about the supposed controversy surrounding actress Zoe Saldana, who’s slated to play renowned jazz singer Nina Simone, in a bio-pic called “Nina”.

However, what stood out to me the most was the reasoning behind said outcry; it wasn’t for what may presume would be an ill-fitting amalgamation of the two personality types, but for the archaic fact that the actress isn’t “dark enough” to be able to accurately portray the blues singer. It got me thinking about the LONG standing opinions that still exist to this day, in regards to the social, and identity classification that we attribute to each other through our skin tone.  I thought, that this issue was dead and buried with all of the other -ions and -isms that African-Americans had to deal with, especially with the appointment of the first African-American president, that at least the societal degradation had found its way to be hidden in the annals of history. However, like history, if we don’t understand it, we’re doomed to repeat it, right? Racism hasn’t vanished, it’s still there, just below the surface; what’s more disheartening that it’s within our very own race!!!

How many times have you heard the judgments of the older generation whenever skin tone came into play? I know that I can remember many times where an elder would chastise ( or belittle) someone, because their skin wasn’t as white washed as the fairer of the race. The red bones, and high yellows of the ‘upper class negro’; the soft flowing, silken hair of the acceptable darkies!? Even to this day you can still hear faint whispers of the separation of our race within…almost like an implosion. We have been taught to not value the diversity of our race, we have been told that the light skin is in, heck we even had the year of the “dark brotha” via Mr. Snipes! However, why must we even acknowledge it? In today’s Hollywood, lighter skin is more marketable than dark. Don’t believe me, look at every movie that casts a Continue reading