What’s in a name? Afrocentricitude?

Well let’s break it down:

Afro- of or pertaining to Afro-Americans or to black traditions, culture. 

centric- a combining form with the meanings “having a center or centers”of the specified number or kind.

Attitude- manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind.

What does it mean to have afrocentricitude? It’s basically a term I’ve coined, it’s a reasoning and perspective that involves, substantiates, progresses, and evolves the African-American experience which is so diverse that it’s hard to define it, or place it in a box. We are a culture that is steeped with individuality, tradition, and struggle; at our hearts lies our family, community and church. Our history is what bonds us to one another, and what enables us to relate to the world around us as well. Many people want to dissect the term African-American, however this term describes a very diverse group of people in American society. They are made up of different ethnic backgrounds that consist of:

  • The Caribbean Culture
  • The African Culture
  • The American Black Experience

Every one has a story, a tale, and not one culture is more important than the other, and because their values and traditions may differ from mainstream society, they are NOT wrong, they  just have different life experience.

This is my intent with the creation of this blog. A place to explore, discover, teach, and understand all there’s to know about our world…perhaps, we’ll see that we’re not that much different after all.