Well, well, well Jamie Foxx’s hosting SNL tonight, and guess what?! He’s slinging his side gig movie– hoping y’all will help him feed his daughter, also can you spare some duckets for Quentin as well? However, I’m leaning more towards Foxx, because he’s the ONLY one that I’m seeing getting all QVC with this film! Not even a Dicaprio sighting. NOTHING!

I feel they’re under attack from the IRS, and that a** is finna to have to walk the strip! lol either that or they’re trying to put us all under the spell of this movie.

ogvibes:kidxforever:theoddmulatto:julianplowden:I remember this episode.lol. They tried to convince Uncle Phil he was in a dreamThat’s not Uncle Phil though … … . . ^nigga thats not uncle phil , thats rick rosses older brother , Nick rosslmfao, hell yea ^ lolol Nick Ross.GO HOME TUMBLR DAMMIT!!!! I QUIT YOU TODAY!!!!!

You know you want to see Djaaannngggooo….gooooo…seeeeeee…DJANGOOOOOOO!!!!!!