You’ve heard of the old adage “Curiosity killed the cat”? Well, this is one time I wished I wasn’t going through one of my “bored/research” phase, because the devil is a LIAR!!

Why do I say this? I say this, because as I was doing some research for my Facebook fan page, I stumbled upon a tumblr site called “That plate”. A virtual cornucopia of people’s culinary talents aka mishaps, oh good lawds, and WTHs! all on the plate… Where’s this been all of my life?! I live for comedy like this! Although, I’m pretty sure that the individuals who uploaded their “masterpieces” never envisioned their pictures would land on a website like this. Oh the shame! tee hee. After a moment or two of scrolling through these images of death and destruction, one picture caught my eye and made me clutch my pearls. It was a picture from Lil Scrappy’s twitter account.

I rebuke you Satan! Get thee behind me!

I can hear my grandmother now “Oh Bless her heart!” Well, at least something’s getting blessed, because this plate needs all the benediction it can get. If you’re wondering what clump of damnation is that in the corner, well your guess is as good as mine…I mean that. However, I’m not ev’em mad at him though for standing by his woman, and if Erica happens to read this, I hear by offer up my services to give her some lessons, because I can’t let a sister go down like this. Man down! Man down! Cuz it’s 187 on my stomach!

Sigh, I guess the struggle continues.