Hey people I want to talk to you about the death of former boxing champion Hector “Macho” Camacho. Hector was a brash fighter with a mean jab, and an aggressive style, who beat some of the biggest names in boxing.

He died Saturday after being taken off of life support by his mother. Hector was ambushed in a parking lot in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, where he was born. Police say packets of cocaine were found in the car in which he was shot.

Now Hector was never an angel, but to make it all the way up to 50 then get shot, wow.  I wonder what he was into? I remember before each of his fights, the fans would cheer “It’s Macho Time” and he would show his fearsome skills that made him one of the top fighters of his generation. Hector’s family moved to the United States when he was a young boy. He grew up in the streets of Spanish Harlem, where he landed in jail as a teenager before he turned to boxing.

After his boxing career, drug, alcohol, and other problems followed him. In 2007, Camacho was sentenced to seven years in prison for a burglary. While being arrested, police found ecstasy on him. He eventually had all, but one year of the sentence suspended and was given probation. Unfortunately, he served 2 weeks in jail after a parole violation.

Camacho’s former wife Amy obtained a restraining order against him in 1998 after alleging that he threatened her, and one of their children. The couple who had two children later divorced.

Doctor’s pronounced him dead after being removed from life support at his family’s direction. He never regained consciousness after at least one gunman crept up to his car, and opened fire on him and a friend who was in the car with him.

No arrests have been made and the detectives have released few details in the case other than cocaine was found in the car, and that the boxer and his friend had no idea the attack was coming.

Now I know people do bad things in life, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be shot. The gunman never stopped to think what this would do to his mother or his children. I just think we need to stop, and think about what we do to each other and that more people suffer not just the one they’re after.