In another edition of “Jesus take the wheel” news, reports are buzzing about the alleged  altercation between Halle’s current love interest Olivier Martinez, and the father of her daughter Nahla, Gabriel Aubry Thanksgiving Morning. Apparently, the two french hunks decided to have a brawl for it all over the mashed potatoes and gravy; deciding who should get the last piece of pumpkin pie. Seriously, sources close to the couple have said the fight started while Gabriel (baby daddy) was returning daughter Nahla back to the house, for the custodial handover.  Aubry, still parked in the driveway, was then approached by Martinez, where the two supposedly had a heated exchange of words– no one knows exactly what was said, because the two were spitting french words of FIYA! at each other. Vive la France! et Canada!

Unfortunately, the melee escalated quickly to punches being thrown at each other, ending with Halle’s soon-to-be hubby straddling the beaten and worn baby daddy on the ground. Police were then called, and Olivier decided to make a citizen’s arrest against his fellow ‘Mon Frere’ for assault. Aubry was then taken to the ER, and cited while he awaited treatment.

Sad…and you thought you had your own batch of hot baked drama on Turkey Day! lol

Law enforcement sources report, that a judge will most likely issue an order or protection, which requires Aubry to stay at least 100 yards away from the happy bunch.

Mon Dieu! Qu’est-ce qui se passe? Halle?