Well well, in another ‘Jesus take the wheel’ moment, Former Tennessee and WNBA star Chamique Holdsclaw, was charged with shooting into a woman’s car, and if that wasn’t enough, she also decided to take a bat to the woman’s vehicle as well. Smh

Now I know she is, or was being treated for clinical depression, but shooting up and swinging for the fences at someone’s car windows is…umm…yeah wow! Woman have a seat, literally, and collect yourself.

I remember her when she was coming up, playing ball with the guys in the projects in Queens NY; I followed her career from the time when she went to Christ the King H.S., up to when she led the Tennessee Lady Vols to a national title. I can’t help, but sit in amazement at how you can spend all that time, cultivating a successful life just to have it crash and burn in a matter of seconds?!! This woman was even an Olympic gold medalist! She even had a decent WNBA stint playing for several different teams.

Rumor has it, she has even stalked Jennifer Lacy, 29, who plays for the Tulsa Shock. Reports say, that Holdsclaw followed Lacy to her car, and proceeded to fire at the car; shooting out all of her windows in the process. Thankfully no one was injured in the incident. Apparently, the two women were in a relationship, which ended badly to say the least. Uh yeah!

I know things can happen in a relationship, especially when you involve the heart…I’ve seen cars get keyed, windows busted, and on rare occasions a tire slashed here and there. However, to throw your WHOLE life away over a break-up is beyond foolish, and worthy of a scared straight episode!

Holdsclaw, was arrested and held on a bail of $100,000, and has to wear a monitoring device, in addition to keeping a HEALTHY distance from former girlfriend Jennifer Lacy. Man, I can’t tell you how saddened by all of this I am, especially given the fact this isn’t the first time Chamique’s encountered tragedy in her life. In 2006, the troubled WNBA star attempted suicide while she was a member of the L.A. Sparks, by taking an overdose of prescription drugs, and locking herself inside of the home of her late grandmother, who had raised her, who sadly passed a few days before.

Hopefully, she can get some help for dealing with the inner demons she has, because sometimes things are just too big for you handle alone. I wish her all the best, because the way the world is now, you’re not guaranteed a second chance. Life’s too short.

I will pray for her. Seriously.