Recently, I’ve become increasingly aware just how hard it is to find things to talk about, or better yet write about when it comes to a blog. I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read, Twitter updates I’ve glazed over like some drug addict, in my quest for the holy grail of sensationalism! Till I just said screw it, let me just talk about my life, and the crazy “oh heel naw” moments I’ve encountered within it, especially the ones which roam around in my mind.

Take today for instance, I decided to call an old friend, who just happen to be an old flame of mine…no, I didn’t re-ignite the pilot light for whatever reasons that may be going through your gutter of a mind. lol–I had an innocent reason for the “reach out and touch someone” attitude, and even if that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t even consider it…too much drama for me. However, in doing so, it did trigger a wait a minute ritechea moment. I say triggered, because it did hit me like bullet. I thought about all the guys that I’ve spoken to over the years; each possessing a certain set of particular traits, which made them loveable or in my case likable, but unfortunately, not datable. It’s sad really, the exact second you realize the unlikelihood of ever finding that Goldielocks relationship. You know the one, the one that fits juuusssttt rrriigghhtt. We’ve all had the dang moment, where we’ve probably said to ourselves, if only I could take this from this person, and that from that person and incorporate it into the perfect mate!!!! You start to see yourself wishing you were some mad scientist, in your very own Frankenstein syndrome.

It got me wondering, am I the only one who has felt like this?! Have any of you ever dreamed of creating the ultimate mate? I mean, some of us are already trying to achieve this feat; trying to mold and shape our “not quite there” partner into some superhero! LOL crazy. I guess it’ll be foolish to hope for flawless in someone else, when we ourselves are flawed as well.

Oh well, maybe if we focused more on trying to be happy, than being perfect, we wouldn’t notice the missing links. Just a thought.