I knew that this was going to happen sooner or later, Artis “the hit man”Hughes, infamously known around the country as the bus driver, who gave belligerent passenger, Shi’ dea Lane the TKO transfer off his bus, has gotten fired from his job. The 25 year transportation veteran was given his walking papers after it was found that he violated company policies. “The employee handbook says an employee can be discharged if he uses overt force, strikes … a member of the public,” Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority spokeswoman Mary Shaffer said in a public statement. “We understand he feels that his actions were in self-defense, but we disagree. The appropriate action should have been to pull over the bus and alert transit police and let them handle it.”

Insert appropriate “Oh h*ll naw” here, because if you don’t, then maybe I will…maybe. Seriously, are they really going to sit up there and try to explain away the fact that Ms. ” Shi’ has no home training” Lane didn’t deserve to get the “nana smack down”? Especially when she was the aggressor, and not to mention the initiator?! Again, I say oh h*ll naw.

Lane, 25, was seen spitting and choking Hughes in the September 18 incident, where she repeatedly spewed obscenities and derogatory words at the bus driver after he had threaten to remove her for the bus. Now, I know that there many opinions on the whole issue; some feeling that Lane deserved the response she received by Hughes, while others say that Hughes acted unprofessional. Uh, all those are nothing, but shoulda, coulda, woulda if you ask me! Yes, he could have handled it differently, but once she got physical, and the spit came flying! Oh no, but someone would’ve gotten arrested, and a wig would’ve been snatched off if that were me. Even the thought of it has got me rolling my eyes as I type this out, and sucking my teeth like my West Indian sistas.

Also, to add insult to injury Ms. “Shi’needs her a**  whooped” claims the altercation started over her looking for bus fare, and that she didn’t provoke Hughes at all…uh, no Ms. Shi’dead wrong for that, but we ALL saw the video, and poor guy was sitting there calmly until you, yes YOU wanted to get all peanut and precious on him, and he had no other alternative, but to Pillsbury dough your behind!!!!!!!!!! And what? She also went on to say…”It’s amazing to see how a man would hit a woman that hard. Are you serious? You could have pulled me off the bus. You can’t really touch anyone, but for real? You really punched me?” Lane told My Fox 8 News.

Did she really just say that?

Hughes was suspended prior to his termination and at a recent press conference he admitted that he is “disappointed” with the RTA’s decision.

“I feel let down,” Hughes said at a press conference. “I feel like they should support their drivers. I was just trying to do my job. … I’ve run over those events in my mind 1,000 times and I don’t know what I could have done differently.”

Uh nuh, although I’m upset to hear about this news, however I’m not surprised by it, because I knew the anvil was going to fall eventually. Now, I’m not saying that he should have hit, but then again she shouldn’t have put her hands on him either. Physical violence on ANYONE is not cool.
Well, hopefully he’ll find another occupation soon, and stay off the bus. For real.