“Ain’t nothing going on, but the rent!”…Gwen Guthrie laid it out for the ladies back in the 80’s, and for a while that was the anthem for women back then. For a time, there was a general consensus that women needed to be provided for, and “kept” by the man in their lives. However, times have change…somewhat. I mean, there are still women out there who expect their guy to carry them around in their back pocket, but ladies let me ask you this, what if the circumstances were different.

In today’s economy, it’s understandable that people fall in, on and around hard times, where asking for help is regrettable, but necessary. However, when is it NEVER ok for a guy (on anyone for that matter) to constantly have his out, chirping like a baby bird? When does it go from helping to hindering? Or just down right trifling? Is it more acceptable when a woman does it as well?

If so, why?

Ne-yo belted out how he loves a woman who’s got “her own thing”, leaving a gaggle arena full of women screaming to the top of their lungs, co-signing their allegiance to group, probably knowing all too well the skeletons in their closet were jingling and jangling for ALL to hear. Shoot, they’ve got so many bones at their disposal, those chicks won’t be lacking in the vitamin D and calcium department; Which makes me wonder about the double standards that we impose on each other.

Picture the crap storm that would happen if I male celebrity or any male for that matter, were to say, they required a woman to support them? Or even said, you’ve got to be ballin to talk! Yeah, get the axes ready. HAHAHAHAHAHA