Remove the fly swatters, and put up the floral house coats, because Tyler Perry aka (Medea) has decided to step into the role made famous by Morgan Freeman in the 1997 Thriller “Kiss the Girls” , as the hard as nails

detective/ forensic psychologist Alex Cross. Unfortunately, movie goers are having a tough time believing the authenticity of the change-up, well the critics are anyway…and no, not the folks who wanna play at being critics, but the people who actually get paid to sit in the dark, and twiddle their lives away while looking at a big screen. Oh, how fun!!!!

Critics across the board have basically given this movie the swan song when it comes to the ratings, which is especially sad right before the weekend as well. I mean who isn’t waiting with bated breath to see Tyler Perry in a movie?!!! (if you can’t get the sarcasm, then I’ve lost my touch. lol) All jokes aside, however I’m kinda glad that the writer/director/actor has decided to step out of the “coonfoolery” antics of his feminine alter-ego, Medea.

I find it refreshing to see him branching out into different waters, and roles.  Although, I’m not planning on going to the see the movie myself, not because of the critics, but…for not being a big fan of Mr. Perry. I’m sorry folks.

Does this mean that Perry should stick to his day job? I don’t think so…Will it harm any future endeavors into the dramatic ring? That remains to be seen. However, the bigger question is, is it worth you plunking down your hard-earned cash to go see it? I don’t know, you tell me.

Alex Cross trailer