Ok, as you may have already deduced, from print, to the television headlines about the outcome of the debates last night, that it was a debacle. Millions of viewers (including me) tuned in to listen to the critical issues,  during the first ( of many) presidential debate last night. I, along with I presume countless others, sat and listened inquisitively, as each man presented his position on the hot topics concerning Americans in this crucial time before the election.

I’m somewhat glad to say that both Mitt Romney and President Obama both didn’t disappoint.  Mitt Romney, came out like an aggressive UFC fighter, looking to kick his opponent in the face, and pin him up against the wire fence– accusations were flying anywhere and everywhere from Gov. Mitt Romney, attacking President Obama with “trickle down government” policies, taxes, and the all too overly uttered, (and self coined term) “Obamacare”. The night started with a tit-tat of one-liners from Mitt R0mney, and President Obama giving a shout out to his wife, acknowledging their anniversary in all places! However, apart from the dismal mild/horrifying gaffes, I found the whole debate to be somewhere between reality and Never Neverland–Heck, I was almost ready for Peter Pan to come out from behind the curtains, and shaking Tinkerbell into a slight coma in order to get that fairy dust all over the place.

From the word go, Romney sought to make the high stakes 90min debate, as some sort of life raft for the Republican candidate’s struggling campaign.  The two rivals stood side-by-side for the first time in months, facing a string of soft padded questions coming from a moderator that seemed like more of a spectator, with a bowl of popcorn, than that of a integral part of setting the tone of how the two would maneuver around the so-called political “punches”. I’m not going to pick sides, because as a writer, I have to keep an unbiased opinion about what I write, but I can’t help but feel that somehow, I spent and hour and a half  watching a Benny Hill-esque drama, than an actual discussion on the government, and what each candidate can bring to the table.

Admittedly, Romney may have done himself a HUGE favor with responses that were crisp and concise, in addition to practically jumping on the moderator table and doing the ‘Homey don’t play that’ smack on his head. However, I’d like to know just how many people paid attention to WHAT his was saying and not HOW he said it? Things that make you go hmm….

However, surprisingly, the bigger topic was Big Bird, and how our big yellow best friend could be out of the job if Romney is somehow sworn into office. During one moment in the debate, Gov. Romney had stated his plan to help get more money into the economy was to discontinue funding for public broadcasting stations, thus potentially leaving the residents of Sesame Street out on the curb. Although being a self-proclaimed fan of the long running show, he doesn’t seem like a fan of providing our children with significant educational programs. Sigh…anyhoo. I just hope that whomever wins, the losers won’t be the American people.