You may win some, but you really lost one!

In unimportant news, the highly anticipated (don’t laugh) autobiography of self anointed savior and founder of the Fugees, Wyclef Jean, was released today. Purpose, is the tell all book, where Wyclef recounts his impoverish childhood on the mean streets of Haiti, to living it up on in true Patois fashion on the world’s stage.

In the book, Mr.Jean gives an explanation as to the real reason behind the band’s disintegration in 1997. Believe me when I tell you that he’s not going to pin ii on financial issues, or artistic differences, but the all too popular, punch in the gut, worthy of Maury baby daddy issues. Instead, Wyclef blames the inter-drama of the relationship between him and Ms. Lauryn Hill. In the page turner, Jean claims that truth of it all (and I know we were all waiting with bated breath), was strictly due to the fact of there being a dispute as to whom the real father of Ms. Hill’s child truly was; allegedly Lauryn strung (“tricked”) along, hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, and ran amok with the paternal feelings of one Wyclef, leading him into believing that her son, Zion, was his, when in fact the child was fathered by Rohan Marley, the son of legendary reggae singer of Bob Marley.

Now, you can insert the proverbial ‘pot meet kettle’ one liner here, and you wouldn’t be wrong! I guess Mr. Jean forgot the he was married in the midst of all of this tay tay, and bunky foolishness!!! I’m sure his wife didn’t think that it was hilarious. at all He even went on to say when he found out the heartbreaking news, something “in that moment between them died”; “she was no longer his muse”…oh chile please, go have a seat somewhere.

This is just one more thing the Mr. ‘Gone till November” rapper needed to stay relevant in the public, and good thing too, because I honestly thought he was still down in Haiti trying to convince them to rename Port-au-Prince after him. I’m sorry, Wyclef, but no one cares.