So, the queen of talk, Oprah Winfrey has announced the next victim to sit on her televised couch aka “Oprah’s Next Chapter“, is going to be none other than Mr. Climax, Confessions crooner Usher Raymond himself; he’s reported to have said that he wanted to talk (and would ONLY) to Oprah herself in an effort clarify the real reason behind his divorce from Tameka Raymond, the bitter custody battle, and how he felt when his mother refused to attend their wedding. He also said that this with be the ONLY time that he’ll ever speak on the topic of his marriage, his children, and the drama that unfolded before our eyes the past three years….

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the notion of why Oprah wanted to create her own network, was to produce (and present) profound, groundbreaking, and provoking issues that one could be proud of…at least for someone of her caliber. It’s seems due to the lackluster ratings that the station has been getting, the pressure to step it up has kinda pushed the former queen of daytime talk into a corner, resorting to popcorn matinee-esque television. Some feel that Oprah has forgotten the reason for her successful career, and exactly what it took to get there. Instead, she seems to be more interested in turning tricks in a back alley just to boost her ratings…Is this true? I don’t know, I don’t KNOW Oprah, and I bet the people who said the above statements don’t know her either!!! In fact, I bet if they ever had the chance to meet her, they’d be kissing her red bottoms fo sho! 

Seriously, regardless of what you may think her true motives are, or the fact that recently her Super soul Sunday has been looking like something out of a Tyler Perry (also a bestie) script, you gotta admit, people are still tuning in to see it! Anyhoo, I for one am interested in why Usher married Tameka in the first place, especially when you could still see the Chilli aftermath still written on his face, and according to Oprah, he “brings it”! Well I don’t know about that, but I know I’m waiting for him say, “see what had happin was” yes, happin…lol 

I’m thinking, while she’s into this ‘chile, tell mama wat happin’ wave, she may want to get her bestie Gayle on said couch, and ask her how the view from her ass looks, since she’s back there all the time?!

Hey, I’m just saying. lol

Talk among yourselves…I’m out.