As the haze of the recent Mtv VMAs starts to wear off like some bad weed trip, that is, it should be wearing off by now. However, given that people are surgically attached to their TiVo sets, and the network spoon feeding us with replays, I doubt it. I mean, who didn’t get enough of Kevin Hart (with his little self) basically get all narcissistic; trying so hard like it was his first day of school! LOL Who else cringed when he brought up Chris Brown’s and Drake’s fight during the opening of the show?! Oh, it was just me? Ok, I can live that, but I thought for sure Hart was going to get a good ol’ fashioned Hollywood swinging beat down backstage! 

Anyway, apart from the hopping John (yes, I said hopping John…if you don’t know what that is, go ask sumbuddy) behavior of Mr. Hart, I was left to stare at my tv screen during the performances, wondering to myself “Where’s the talent?” Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to share in this sentiment, my dad was having the same outer body experience that I was having, as we both stared at the tv witnessing the line of talent-less artists, come one after another, after another. All of this transpiring as I clicked back and forth between that foolishness and the DNC, which was ten times better than that hackneyed program…even Joe Biden managed to bring a so-so smile to my face, and that’s saying something. As, I was trying to shake off the catatonic induced duh look off my face, a question came out of my mouth that I may live to regret, not because I uttered it, but because it may have sparked a search that I fear may never end:
Are there any real emcees out there anymore?

Yes, I had this spring up during a yogurt commercial, to which I asked my dad “Do any real rappers or lyricists exist? To my dad’s credit, he did try to point out some artists that he felt were representing in the spit and flow category, and were “holding it down”, Yes people, this 59 year old man said this…I kid you not. lol However, I found myself wondering when was the last time I heard a record from them? Not disagreeing with my dad, but I had to express that very thought to him, to which he replied “That’s a lot coming from someone who doesn’t even listen to hip-hop anymore….pause…Yes, I literately paused, because he was right! I don’t listen to hip-hop anymore, I don’t look to hear the new songs coming hot off the presses; I mean, what happened? What happened to the girl who would know all the lyrics to Run DMC, Curtis Blow, Grand Master flash and the furious five (all thanks to Dad!), Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, Eminem etc. I still can remember my first record that I ever got, it was the Sugar Hill Gang with “Rapper’s Delight”…Thanks aunt Janice (R.I.P)…but, where are their influences now? I think that my FAITH in hip-hop is in danger, my hope for it is hanging onto some thin tendril of patience about to be swallowed up by my frustration for the garbage floating around out there. Instead of Jay-Z, Nas, Common coming out to decimate these amateurs, they lay quiet. No, now the hip-hop industry is being inundated with the NIcki Minajs, 2chainz, and Drakes, all the “club worthy” mockery out there. Sometimes, I wish Lauryn Hill didn’t go all ‘Beloved’ on people, and lose her damn mind!!! Or Lil Kim didn’t care so much about her face, than her art…Jay-Z stop trying to buy up every damn thing, and lay down some tracks! I’m pissed at Nicki, because believe it or not, she does have some talent. 

…and to all other legitimate artists out there, step away from the remote, and go back to the studio. 

What I wouldn’t give for another “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” (yes, this is R&B, but still, girl could flow); “Ready to Die”; “The Chronic”; “Me against the World”; “36 chambers” and many more. Somewhere, there’s a young kid listening to these great albums, and trying to not copy, but improve upon them…I know they’re out there, I have to believe that they are, my faith depends on it, because like Common said “I used to love her”, but I wanna fall back in love.