February 11, 2012 Saturday, I’m sad to announce the passing of yet another African American cultural icon, Whitney Houston…

Sunrise August 9, 1963-  Sunset February 11, 2012

Words at the moment cannot express the shock of hearing this news, especially as an African American, I’ve seen many of my icons pass on within the last few years due to tragic, and unforeseen causes: Don Cornelius (Soul Train), Dwight Arrington Myers aka Heavy D, and Michael Jackson, along with countless others. We can’t say what caused the singer’s death, nor can we speculate what led up to her demise, however, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we had such high hopes for her return to the spotlight, and a successful (and sustainable) recovery. There are so many  things that one can’t fully comprehend as to what goes on in the life of someone who basically lived their whole entire life under the glare of flashing camera bulbs, media scrutiny, and the ever present insatiable appetite of the fans. All we see is the glitz, glamour, and fame, but what about the stuff that goes on behind closed doors?!

Recent events recall to mind the tragic story of Amy Winehouse, and much like Whitney, possessed a God given talent, and the ability to charm the masses with their angelic voices, unfortunately, regardless of the gift that was bestowed upon them, the blessing didn’t seem to alleviate the turbulent emotional waters that were raging inside. Although, my heart is heavy with sadness, sadness at the prospect that Whitney will never get to redeem herself in the way that we all knew she could, however, all I can do is wish (and pray) that she can finally be at rest, and that we ALL learn from her and countless others that followed along the same path of tragedy, not to take life for granted, and to be grateful for each day that is given to us.

Goodnight sweet princess, and let the flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.